What is the Monaco Racing Experience

The Monaco Racing Experience is the one and only “exclusive professional coaching experience” on the french Riviera.

You will get behind the wheel of the latest street legal 458 Speciale Ferrari model created exclusively for the racing circuit.

It is an all inclusive driving experience on track that will show you what it means to be a real racing driver. You will have a dedicated professional racing instructor who will teach you all the racing techniques from the basics to the most advanced.

You wil be able to express your driving skills without limits or restrictions !

The Exclusive professional coaching experience

Coaching methode & learning techniques

The coaching method & the learning techniques of the courses

Depending on your driving level, the following techniques will be taught in a program suited to develop and improve your level of skills :

  • How to push yourself and the car safely to the limit, to reduce your lap times
  • Racing lines and how to position the car on track
  • Weight transfer and how it affects the handling
  • When, how hard to brake and the technique of trail braking into the apex.
  • Vision and how important it is to look through the corner
Professional «Data Telemetry» and on-board camera

Telemetry is a key factor in modern motor racing, allowing drivers to improve in their lap times during their «exclusive professional coaching experience».