Ferrari 458 Speciale vs Aston Martin DBS

One of our clients came to visit us with his gorgeous Aston Martin DBS limited edition. We are always very happy when our clients decide to bring also their Supercars around the track.

What we always suggest is to use their car only towards the end of the Racing Experience because like this they can apply what they have learned throughout the day with our Ferrari 458 Speciale, which as you know is equipped with a professional Data Acquisition system and HD onboard camera.

“The Aston Martin DBS is a fantastic looking car, its a suepercar which express class, luxury and speed all at the same time” says Francesco. “Its V12 makes a fantastic noise and at every acceleration you get really pushed back to the seat.”

“But around the Drivng Center Test track the car, due to the more weight, its not so rapid and easy to drive as the Ferrari 458 Speciale.” adds Francesco. “The Ferrari 458 Speciale feels like a go-kart around the tight corners of the Driving Center Test track and has a big weight advantage compared to the Aston Martin DBS.”

At the end of the day the client was super happy of his “exclusive racing experience” and satisfied of the performances of his Aston Martin DBS, which is for sure more a beauty than a track beast!  ;)



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