From Canada with love… for the MRE!

Two friends came all the way from CANADA, Montreal to experience the “SILVER Exclusive Racing Package” day with us!

We were very proud of this and we organized a “all exclusive day” for them!

One of them had already a very good experience with fast cars and was used to track days, the other instead was a bit less experienced but still very passionate of super cars and willing to improve his driving technique!

“At the beginning I focused to teach both the correct racing techniques, so that I could also understand what was their potential. Then I started to push them gradually to reach their limit” says Francesco Castellacci.

“They were both super happy of their improvements and in the afternoon also a bit of good competition started to arise between them” adds Francesco.

“This is exactly what we want in our “Racing Experience“, some good and fair competition between two friends, who lap after lap push them selfs safely to the the limit, in order to make better lap time. This because at the end, if you are driving correctly with the good technique then the lap times are going down automatically!”

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