New partnership with Befit MONACO

We are happy and delighted to announce our new partnership with Befit Monaco, the best and exclusive personal training facility of the Principality.

Each of our clients taking part in an “exclusive racing experience” will get a free assessment before or after the racing day at the Befit Monaco studio, located in the center of Monaco near the Condamine.

“As a racing driver I train and prepare my self a lot for the my races. Befit Monaco uses exactly the same concept of the Monaco Racing Experience. It is a all exclusive “one to one” coaching which really focuses on what and where you want to improve.” says Francesco Castellacci.

“Im training at Befit Monaco since almost 3 years now, and since then I have found a lot of improvement in my strength and resistance in and outside the racing car. I’m really happy that our clients will have the chance to get experience a free assessment with on of the olympic qualified trainers of Befit Monaco.” adds. Francesco.


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