Not yet the driving license… but why not being a passenger!

A group of 3 young 14 year old kids came to visit us for a half day Racing Experience as passengers.

This because, without a driving license is unfortunately not possible to drive on the race track… but no body can stop you to learn and have fun from the passenger seat    :)

The 3 kids, after a short theory briefing in the morning, jumped one at the time on the passenger seat next to our professional coach Francesco Castellacci, to experience the real adrenaline of going fast around the track!

“It was not only a matter of making them have lots of fun… I wanted them to really learn and experience what was the feeling and sensation of driving fast but safely to the limits. I also showed them the onboard videos of the fast laps and explained the importance of the Data Acquisition System.”  says Francesco.

At the end of the day they were all pretty tired but super happy of the exclusive racing experience they had… and for sure in a few years time, once passed their driving license they will apply the techniques learned!



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