4000 € + VAT
  • The Silver Package will provide a full day or half day coaching shared between two drivers, so while one is driving the other will be able to have a look at the on board videos and telemetry data or simply rest.Is the perfect package to be shared with a friend or family member.
  • Full day coaching (min 2 drivers) :
    4000 € + VAT / Person
  • Half day coaching (min 2 drivers) :
    2000 € + VAT / Person


8000 € + VAT
  • The Exclusive Gold Package will provide a complete 1 to 1 coaching both in the car and outside the car analysing the onboard videos and the telemetry data of each session.This is the «exclusive» package for truly racing enthusiast who want to feel the adrenaline of a full day or half day program behind the wheel of a Ferrari Supercar experiencing all the steps of a real race weekend, from the 5 laps practice sessions to long «race» 12 laps sessions.
  • Full day coaching in exclusivee :
    8000 € + VAT
  • Half day coaching in exclusive :
    4000 € + VAT


2000 € + VAT
  • The Bronze Package is for drivers who want to have a first approach to racing. The instructor will help you improve your speed and driving skills.Is the perfect package to be shared between a group of friends or family.
  • Full day coaching (min 4 drivers)
    2000 € + VAT / Person