Ferrari 458 Speciale & Le Castellet Hight Tech Area

Paul Ricard Driving Center, a very technical race track !

The Paul Ricard Driving Center, is a brand new high tech facility based in the area of Le Castellet, only 1h:45min from Monaco by car, and 40 min by helicopter.
“I have chosen the Paul Ricard Driving Center because, after my very first visit there, I understood straight away that it was perfect for our Exclusive Racing Experience courses!” says Francesco. “ The circuit is very technical, you have the first part which is characterized by a sequence of Esse’s and very long right hand corner which is followed by a long straight.
In the second part instead you have a sequences of 2nd gear conner’s where is very important the use of the steering and the rapidity in changing from the gas to the brake pedal. “
The safety in the circuit is of high standard and there is a fantastic “exclusive” briefing room equipped with a open bar with the view on the main straight. 
“Im very happy that our clients have the chance to learn on this race track because the variety of corners makes it very challenging and the Ferrari 458 Speciale seems to handle like a go-kart between the tight technical corners! ” adds Francesco.

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