The “exclusive racing experience” with a “Track Day” specialist…

A real “Track day Porsche specialist and supercar fan” came last month to experience our racing stage with the Ferrari 458 Speciale.

“When I first met him, he told me that he wanted to improve his driving technique because he likes to often take his supercars on “track days”. says Francesco Castellacci.

“I have guided him throughout all the day. With the help of the Data Acquisition system installed in our Ferrari 458 Speciale and also the onboard HD Camera he improved every session. His lap times were constantly improving and he performed very well without making mistakes” continues Francesco.

He has been really enthusiast of the racing experience and could not believe at the end of the day how much he improved!
This is the perfect example that even if you have already a good driving technique, there is always a lot more to learn, and the Monaco Racing Experience gives you exactly this possibility, thanks to our professional GT race coach and the Data acquisition system we use.

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